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Benefits to Physicians
Revenue - Doctors need to have a way to access uninsured patients who are willing to pay cash.  Physicians need to keep growing their direct "Doctor-Patient Relationships!"
Cost - $199 per year for PCP's.  $599 per year for Specialists.
Access - Patients and Doctors have virtually unlimited access to each other; at home or in remote locations wherever there is a connection.
Quality - "Pay for Performance" and "Meaningful Use" are both incentives for doctors who are willing to embrace Telehealth and Health Information Technology
Documentation - Designed templates, voice recognition, and user-friendly insurance and quality guidelines are provided at your fingertips for easy access.
Other potential benefits include new affiliations with remote locations for specialists; distance learning and peer communication for primary care physicians; opportunity for primary care physicians to learn from telehealth encounters involving a specialist (in contrast to direct referral).


Since 2003 DTN has brought specialist physicians, through telehealth, to patients where they live, no matter how rural their communities. DTN contracts with urban medical groups, bringing specialist care directly to the most remote rural areas across the United States. Virtually all specialties are practicing telehealth. The most common are psychiatry, dermatology, cardiology, ENT, neurology, pulmonology, ophthalmology and orthopedics.

Now DTN brings both Primary Care and Specialist Physicians affordable technology in order to cut their fixed operating costs; attract new cash-paying patients; simplify fingertip access to Quality Standards and Guidelines; qualify them for "Meaningful Use Incentives;" access Continuing Medical Education easily; verify insurance eligibility instantly without phone calls nor waiting; Electronic Medical Records (EMR); Laboratory Information Systems; High-Speed Internet; HIPAA Compliance & Administration; Voice Over Internet Phone (VOIP) systems; videoconferencing; Managed Information Technology (IT) Services; and 24-hour training and support. FOR MORE DETAILED INFORMATION CLICK Here.

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The telehealth technology enables a physician to perform remote patient examinations in real time by integrating digital medical instrumentation with videoconferencing, transmitting and recording the images over a secure HIPAA compliant network. The physician office hardware is a PC or a laptop with a camera installed at the physician office. At the patient site, which could be a patient home, hospital, long-term care facility, clinic, or correctional facility, all the equipment is mounted on a cart (connected over a wireless network) for mobility.

The physician specialist is aided in their diagnosis by the use of an electronic stethoscope, otoscope, ophthalmoscope, vital signs, electrocardiography and other diagnostic equipment. Patient results, such as blood pressure, temperature, EKG and weight are displayed on the physician's computer screen and are electronically stored. The DTN system is supported by an electronic medical record, transcription and billing services. Scheduling is done through a call center at an agreed upon time between the facility and the physician's office.

A physician specialist with DTN telehealth monitoring and diagnostic capabilities can provide a qualified second opinion to facilitate better care. The primary physician also receives expert validation for the medical options chosen - all of which benefits the patient. In addition, malpractice is less likely to occur when front-line medical providers can rapidly access specialty physicians who can advise them on difficult procedures or assist with making a tough diagnosis.

DTN also offers a very reasonable billing service integrated with our technology for instantaneous submission and fast processing.

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ATA - American Telemedicine AssociationTIE - Telemedicine Information Exchange