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DTN Vision
Our vision is one of paperless, affordable, high-quality, on-demand, and equitable healthcare: "anyone, anytime, anywhere".  DTN will help telephone companies, governments, RHIO's, HIE's, and companies overcome distance and a lack of healthcare providers that so often interfere with the delivery of healthcare and increase costs. DTN strives to fulfill telehealth's full potential by providing "Gold Standard" healthcare to "anyone, anytime, anywhere".

DTN has created the Virtual Medical Practice "VMP" in order to provide the most sophisticated technology designed to link patients, providers, payers, and facilities virtually.  The VMP includes every possible feature necessary in the provision of healthcare except for the skill, art, or location. 
From the point when a patient thinks about healthcare to leaving a patient encounter with a provider to being proactively contacted by their provider there is a universal workflow.  Finding a doctor or clinic; scheduling an appointment; paying for services; getting tested; being examined; filling prescriptions; and going back for follow up are all part of the normal healthcare experience for patients.  On the provider side of the equation you add the complexity of legal requirements, business requirements, and obtaining the most current and relevant clinical information that relates to a particular diagnosis. 
DTN takes all of these into account in its vision!  DTN also creates patents in order to raise the clinical quality delivered to patients by eliminating time and chance at the point of care. 
DTN's vision is to increase the amount and quality of healthcare providers with remote live interactive access to medical education, medical information, and medical services using wireless or wired high speed broadband Internet or private IP connectivity.
In 2009, in the USA, our vision is to expand the concept of "Meaningful Use" to include Telehealth.  DTN's vision for Telehealth is to be the modality of delivery for education and training of healthcare providers so that they can learn, purchase, and use Health Information Technology "HIT" that reduces the amount of time that they spend on paperwork and increases the amount of time they can spend with patients.

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