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About DTN

Doctors Telehealth Network, better known as DTN, offers a cost-effective turnkey solution to one of the most pressing problems facing healthcare today - a shortage of physician specialists in underserved areas of the country. DTN brings physicians and patients together to re-create the in-person experience no matter how far apart they actually are.

Since 2003, DTN has combined leading edge video-conferencing technology with digital medical equipment (both compact and transportable), transmitted over a secure digital network to put patients and medical personnel in the "same treatment room" with full access to key health monitoring devices. Although technology and network infrastructure are key components, we continue to re-inforce that our Telehealth solutions are not just about the network and technology, but more importantly they are about the human beings who are giving and receiving healthcare in circumstances that without DTN facilitating access would not have been possible. We offer solutions that enhance relationships and take care of people, solutions that give back time - to physicians and patients.

DTN believes that in the current environment of declining resources and increased need, Telehealth represents the future of healthcare - one in which we bring healthcare to the patient and not the other way around. Our experienced team of medical, technology, and business professionals constantly strives to deliver superior solutions in order to make this a reality.

Primary Users of our telehealth solutions are:
- Long Term Care Facilities
- Hospitals
- Physicians and Physician Groups
- State and County Correctional Instituitions
- Medical Schools

Typical Uses include:
- Patient exams by specialist physicians or other healthcare professionals
- Post-surgical follow-up
- Video conferencing healthcare professional to healthcare professional and patient to family
- Workers' compensation healthcare
- Education and training including CME
- Off site triage and medical assessment of contagious groups and or biological/chemical accidents/incidents

Meet our Executive Team

As well as being members of the American Telemedicine Association, DTN also belongs to the California Association of Long Term Care Medicine (CALTCM), the California State Rural Health Association (CSRHA), and the Pennsylvania Rural Health Association.

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