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DTN in Action
Watch an Actual DTN Patient Encounter

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Important points to note about this consultation done using the DTN telehealth solution are:
- The patient was able to be seen at an earlier time.
- Saved the recovering patient an additional 40 mile commute.
- A "Telehealth Extender" was present to be a hands-on aid to the remote doctor.
- The aid's simple oversight of dawning protective gloves at the appropriate time was caught by the 2nd set of eyes
    when the remote doctor asks "... where are your gloves young lady?"
- More eyes mean fewer oversights and related problems such as the spread of infection which kills many annually.
- A family member of the patient was present and interactive.
- Proper medication education was provided.
- The patient was counseled to avoid potentially addictive and side-effect heavy pain medication because it was no longer appropriate.
- Just as in a traditional consultation the doctor was questioned about the prognosis after a post-surgical issue.
- Patient care, education, the joking, smiling, and wincing did not differ significantly from more traditional consultation.

Success in Rural Pennsylvania
Led by Shelly Repasky the DTN team, based out of our local Pennsylvania office in Sayre, is currently serving multiple rural facilities.

Developing Employer Healthcare Options
DTN is exploring workers' compensation healthcare as more and more large employers exposed to telehealth ask the question "can we do workers' comp with this?".

DTN Leads the Way in Telehealth

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